Will & Determination

I had a conversation with a friend about the education system and “The Plan” where he discussed the focus of the formal student vs. informal student. He stated, “The problem with the informal education is that it is usually not the main priority/focus of the person. They are usually working in some meaningless job that distracts them from their higher goal. It’s hard to accept someone of “higher knowledge” when they seem to be stuck behind the counter of a fast food store.” This is a post based on that fact that the average person will not be primarily focused, upon the informal studies which they undergo. Their focus will be subjected to free time, and it shall be put upon them to learn during this time. This is where the will and determination shall come into play.

The first thing they must do is be willing to give up their time to learn. If they are unwilling they will push knowledgeable gains to the back burner and achieve very little. If however, they decide to devote in part or whole this time to self-education and they shall have the ability to gain knowledge at a semi-constant steady pace. This pace is still mediocre in the majority of cases, because they can still remove themselves from their studies fairly easily.

The second thing that can help with this is their personal determination to learn from these studies. The undetermined will lack the consistency to achieve much in a timely fashion, not necessarily, but most likely. If they decide to be both determined and willing to garner thorough knowledge, from their studies; they shall have a rather constant pace that is faster, than just being willing to learn. If you aren’t  willing, but extremely determined, you shall only exhaust yourself with utter boredom in search of the knowledge. Without both in unison, you will not be at the best position for learning.

These two things are rather influential, in any aspect of life. This reminds me of Ryan’s The Business of Running about pacing one’s self to achieve what they set out to achieve, without over exerting yourself. Therefore, my metaphor on this subject in accordance to the prior info is the following:

” One’s willingness is the pace at which one shall go forth with their problems and tasks in life and determination shall be the speed at which they are able to maintain at this pace. “

If they do not follow both, they shall struggle at a speed too high or pace themselves too inconsistently, and they will achieve little.