Education Pt 1 – What Is It, The Social Perception and Ideology

Education in the formal sense is part of “The Plan,”  it is one of the cornerstones of modern society, and in general a very interesting subject on a multitude of levels. It possesses economical, ideological, moral, and societal value to the modern world. The world would not fail without it, but it would neither grow.

A formal education is possessing the knowledge through coursework and the conversion of knowledge from one body to another, both mechanics and linguistics of the course. It is often referred to as a formal learning environment where one is to pick-up skills in a particular field, along with knowledge from a more vast pool of knowledge of general education. Generally, this area is merely obtained to comply with “The Plan” to obtain a higher salary or general monetary gain.

Learning, however, does not come just from such a formal environment. We use the formal environment to leverage one’s future wealth. Learning is habitual to many a human spirit, and we are constantly learning, if we seek knowledge and understanding. Learning can be more influential and more focused outside of a formal education, or vice-versa. However, we all shall make the choice between a formal education or a non-formal education whether focused or not.

Social Perception and Ideology guide us through the realms of our life and to us choosing to follow “The Plan,” to lead the dreams of our families, our friends, and the general public. We choose to do this because it is pushed upon us, from when we are young, “The only way you’ll be anybody is if you go to college.” I have come to the realization that if we seek knowledge, it shall not be hidden, it shall not be shrouded from our heart, however society will hide the wealth and acceptance from us, because we did not follow the societal plan. Society shall turn us away without proof of our knowledge even if we possess more knowledge and skill, because we don’t have a piece of paper saying we possess that knowledge and skill.