What is The Innovationist?

Currently, the blog has become more focused on business and philosophy, as I’ve begun to post less and less. It’s mainly just the way my life has progressed, and lately I’ve been looking back over my prior works, that have deep undertones of hate and contempt for society. It used to be a place to displace ideas, and still is, however, I now am focusing on other areas that aren’t as easily focused.

I guess you probably want to know a little about me. My names James and I’m a young guy looking to leave a mark on the world. I’ve been to college and dropped out, not likely to go back. The atmosphere of college is amazing, but the cost isn’t worth it. I chose to develop my skills on my time, rather than having someone tell me what to do. I’m a programmer and have been using computers for three-quarters of my life and been online for the past decade. If you want to interact with me on a social-media platform you can find me under jimminy or jimminyfuller in most cases.

FTC Disclosures:

I have a paid relationship with Redux.com as a curator of content. I don’t see this as an issue for the blog audience, but possibly for Twitter and Facebook.