Creating Better Material With 3 Simple Questions

When you want to express an idea; you need to create something worthwhile. How do you know what you’ve created is worthwhile? To figure this out you have to ask yourself these 3 simple questions.

1. Is this material worth my time to use? If it’s not, why would you feel that it was worth someone else’ time to read it, view it, or listening to it? If the material is just a piece of shit that you think will get overlooked; why would you introduce it to the public?

2. Will this benefit anyone? If it doesn’t, what relevance does it have being open to the public? Can this ever help someone; if not why waste your time with it?

3. Can it be better with just a little bit more effort? If it doesn’t take much more to make it an even more remarkable piece; why would you not do that to make your material better?

Pose these questions to yourself every time you go to create something. If you follow these three simple questions you will have something that you are confident in, is something that others will enjoy or think about, and you will know that you didn’t waste your time working on. Also, sleep on ideas and material; if you review your own material at a later point you will be more objective in your own bias.