Education Pt 2 – Personal Economics, Subsidized Education, And the Morality Of It All

Originally Posted on a defunct blog: 3/15/08 Update: First paragraph is heavily flawed after I altered the original math to make it more simple, by adding a link to an outside source, the link is valid just not for this case.

First unto the personal economics, I’m going to defer this to another persons observations. Now of course this is merely a perception on how well you can do with a High School Diploma(HSD) compared to a B.S. The HSD will have roughly a 8 year head start over the BS; as such the BS would have to be putting roughly 2 to 3 times that of the HSD for roughly 1.5 to 2 times longer, just to be roughly even.

Now on to the topic of Subsidized Education. This is the act of the government providing grant money to help students attend college. The government in the past few years has spent around $200 billion annually towards higher education; this can be tracked back for nearly a half century $7 billion in 1965 to $170 billion in 1995 so on average we’re spending $100 billion annually for the last 30 years and with a 60% failure rate. We have wasted $2.4 trillion dollars on education, roughly one-fifth of our national debt. This has caused an effect that has allowed the colleges and universities to raise the price of admission drastically, hurting the middle-class.

Morally, I feel that we should remove subsidies in the education industry. In removing the subsidies and regulating the amount that a school could charge we could gradually reach an equilibrium and prevent the facilities from relentlessly raising tuition rates. In doing this, we would help the economy by stabilizing wages and allowing our country to slowly shift more towards productivity.

Now how do we become more productive. We gradually have more citizens filling the roles of the illegal immigrant laborers, the current state of our nation is that we are a nation of hedonistic intellectuals when our society needs physical labor, not mental. If you were a true intellectual you would develop your skills and let yourself be discovered by others. If you aren’t willing to express your intellectual capacity your have yet to realize any dream requires will and determination.

This is the nation of freedom and dreams that our forefathers fought for, our rights and dreams, with their blood, sweat, and tears. Yet, we have become a nation of daydreamers who don’t have a clue about what true labor is. Working men founded one of the strongest nations and we, their heirs to this land, have become the hedonistic clan to lead the United States down the path of Greeks and the Romans. The greatest empires fall when they believe they are greater than all others, another shall rise with a dream and and prove them wrong.

So do you have the will and determination to follow through with your dreams?