Letter to Myself: Discouragement And The “Sad” Art Of Never Finishing

Dear James,

Over the past 4-5 years, you’ve worked on roughly that many major projects, but have never taken any further than a prototype. The various reasons, of which there are many, range from, lack of domain knowledge to similar, but very different products, but always because you choose to walk away in discouragement. Over the past 6 months or so, I’ve seen a variation of these items, and while they might not be verified successes, yet; they have seen plenty of success among the press, imagine what would have been thought years ago.This is my personal appeal to you to stop getting discouraged, because you need to finish the shit you start.

You may not feel like there is room for your ideas anymore, but if you never finish, you’ll never know the success, or gratification of just finishing the job. Here are a few tips of advice for you, to help keep you from getting discouraged.

First of market, is rarely the best. The goal is to be a close second, that uses the knowledge garnered from the prior groups successes and failures.

You’ll never be  as ignorant and stupid as you are today.

Don’t worry about getting everything perfect — I know how hard  this is for you — there is no need to get it perfect the first time right. Even if you want to believe, “a job isn’t worth doing if the job isn’t done right,” remember that you just need to get the initial job done, and then get it right; do it properly, but not perfectly.

Look back at all the failures, and make some changes, in how you do things, never be afraid to call yourself out, it’s as important as making sure others call you out.

Overall, I just want to repeat what someone once told me, “If I were your age, I wouldn’t take relationships too seriously, and I’d be looking for I what really want. You are at the age everyone would want to be at if they chose. Figure out the person you want to be with and the career you want to have now. Don’t wait, because within the next five years you can get whatever you want if you try.” ~ C. W. The fact is the matter, even if you never make it to where you wanted to go you’ll have experienced a life worth looking back on. Just fucking finish.


James Fuller

I plan on collecting and writing about my failed projects, over the next few weeks.