Learning To Walk Away

So I had a nice Father’s Day chat, with one of my dad’s best friends, about life, regret, and father-son relationships. This is my attempt to reassemble and preserve the quotes from that discussion. I won’t expound on the messages that I received, because they are meaningful in interpretation.

Regret is an after-thought, it won’t help you change the decisions you made; just walk away from it.

Anybody who knows what they want to be is lying.

You’ve got brains, and you have a thumb.

Today, you’re twenty. Tomorrow you’ll be thirty, and the next day you’ll be forty.

I’ve also had talks with my Aunt and Grandmother, more recently, about various life topics, and here are some of the things I’ve walked away from in those conversations.

The person you have to provide for, first and foremost, is yourself and your children.

No one understands, your sentimental values, unless they experienced or know why there is sentimental value.

You have to live for you, you can’t always take care of others; the stress will kill you. Make it a goal to get away and have periods of enjoyment, even if only short.

Things can change in a heartbeat, for better and worse, but we’ll get by, and we’ll be there in times of need.

You can bend, and you can break, but never fake.

On a closing note, things are looking ok for now, compared to a few months ago. I have a temporary job, and working on several design projects, so financially, I’m stable, or near so. I’m doing fine physically, and looking at going back to school, though I hate to say it.

I hope that everyone who reads this is doing fine, and enjoying life, as that seems to be the key.