Regrets Are Not For The Living

One must not have regrets while living, to do so is a waste of time, since we cannot change the past from the present. No wrongs cannot be righted in some form, though not always brought back and mended to the original intent. If there is a regret for not doing, then the logical response is to do. If there is a regret for having done something, then to reverse it you must act with equal or greater impact in the other direction. This becomes that regrets are now actionable and somewhat dispossessed of guilt.

  • Think of regret as a memory assistant. When you do something terribly wrong and recognize it, regret reminds you not to make the same mistake. Otherwise if you have Swiss cheese memory like me, you’ll simply forget 🙂

  • That’s a good way to look at it as well. For me, I’ve started to get swallowed by regrets, and had the realization that there is no sense harboring them while I’m alive. I’m certain they will pop up, and using them like a memory assistant is probably the best way to use them.