I’m A Fraud: Why You Should Trust Me

Let me be straight forward, right now. I’m a nobody, I know nothing, and currently my life is headed nowhere. This might sound sad, but what I’ve found even more disturbing is that I’ve been able to pass off my own personal delusions, as reality. What do I mean by that? I’ve managed to get people to praise me, by merely provided evidence of my delusions, sure they might look good on the surface, but behind it the whole structure is being held up by toothpicks.

I’m good at two things, making people believe in me, even when I know they shouldn’t, and continually learning. The first is disturbing, the second is nice and provides a way to make myself more appealing to others. Like I said in my post about social media experts and masters, the only thing you need to be considered an expert, is more knowledge than the person you’re giving you information to, that’s it. I don’t need to know much to know more than you as a regular person to be considered an expert, so long as I can provide even a minute amount of proof. Once I have you,  I just have to keep my story straight, and avoid experts who know more than me A contrary action to the education.

In order to learn anything you must break the topic down, and interact with those who are knowledgeable. Since the help of a mentor, or other expert, is beneficial, I love getting in to arguments or seeking out the experts to have conversation. I take their word as solid advice and information and break it down so that I can more easily understand it. This is occasionally easy and more often very complicated, but if you endure and have one skill, which will be mentioned in just a second, it becomes much more simple. Education is all about gaining access to the  information you want and need; there are two simple ways to find the data you want, discourse with an expert, or searching for it.

The one skill that you need to  make this all work is listening. If you can listen and understand others,  it will make you much more likely to learn something from them. I realize, I need to turn the tables and re-analyze what I project, because I’ve had a few people ask me questions about myself, that I don’t feel capable to answer without exaggeration or lying.

If they’re was ever one person, above all others, to listen to, it’s yourself and your’ gut reactions, they let you know what’s right and what’s wrong. I’ve been lying by omission about what I know for too long, and now it’s time for me to listen to myself, and even more importantly everyone I interact with, because I haven’t for too long. If I get schooled, I will admit defeat and ask for assistance. I’m tired of creating tension, so I’m going to begin bowing out  gracefully, rather than turning my face and walking away, like a coward. I need to listen, and I hope you  understand this and will allow me to be someone who you can trust.

P.S. If I interact with you on any service, I invite you to step up and slap me if I ever seem out of line. We all need it, at some point.