Strive To Create Wealth, Not Money

We are all spending our days working for someone, whether it be ourselves or someone else, or something. How do you know what you’re doing is worth your time and effort? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself for several weeks, and I still haven’t figured it out, to be honest. I do have an idea of how we may be able to come up with an estimate, this requires honest introspection, no lying to yourself.

Several Questions To Pose

  1. How many people are effected by what I do, positively?
  2. What matters most to me, people or things?
  3. Why am I doing this?
  4. Is there something I could change to improve the world?

The reason for each question is to determine whether or not you are a wealth creator or a money earner. They are also good questions to ask when ever you come up with an idea that you feel like you could sell. Each of these questions are hard to answer because you have to remove your personal bias of yourself, or the answers will be wrong.

How many people are effected by what I do, positively?

How many people are you effecting positively with what you do on a daily basis, dozens, several hundred, maybe thousands? Do you even know if you have an effect on their lives? If you can’t tell whether or not your doing something that improves others lives, either through productivity or providing a service that they can’t do themselves, your probably just trying your hardest to get rich. The only problem is that you are meaningless to others, you have a discernable value and can be replaced by many other people. If you’re working to provide value, you have cast your stone into the water and the ripples of your actions will return your reward in time.

What matters most to me, people or things?

Do you pride yourself over who your friends and family or over the material objects that surround you? Would you rather work hours on end to buy things to impress others or would you rather spend your time with those people? If you want to achieve wealth you have to look inward to see what truly surrounds you. You have to be willing to make a change in someone else, no matter how poor or insignificant they may seem. If you only make decisions about others to further your own status and to make more money, your failing yourself and the world.

Why am I doing this?

What do you get out of doing what you do? Are you passionate about what you do and where does the passion come from? Is it from coming from your heart and your dreams or is it coming from the need to fill your wallet. The truth is nothings worth doing if you don’t love it, truly and honestly, yet so often you see people make stupid decisions just to get enough money for something they didn’t really need. There is no doubt in my mind that if your willing to look you can find a niche doing what you love that you can make money, as an extra positive. Normally, the two are hard to see coming together and if you can’t see it you may have to make a sacrifice in one.

Is there something I could change to improve the world?

If you had one thing that you felt you could change wouldn’t you do it? Don’t give money to charities, they aren’t actually very good at doing what they say they do most of the time. They are mainly just a tax break for the rich that allows them to say that they’ve done something good for others.* If you really want to be involved with change, get out there and do something with your person. Show up face-to-face in a soup-kitchen, read to the elderly, do anything to assist, just don’t give paper. You don’t even have to set time aside, when you see an elderly person in an airport and they need help with their bags, drop what you’re doing, it’s not as important as helping, and assist them, ask if they need it first.

* I’m not saying all charities are bad, but ,quite a few, are just tax havens for the rich and very little money is shared with the actual recipients.

Looking back can you see how action and being there for other is far more important than money. Wealth is not a tangible asset. Wealth is what you are able to create out of thin air, it doesn’t exist until someone created it. Money is a tangible asset that we use to easily share wealth with others. Money is a representation of wealth that we can trade for wealth that we want. You can work at making money all you want but if you aren’t actually creating wealth your job is useless.

As we rise back out of this turmoil that has arisen, those that focus on making money without providing wealth are going to flounder. The only way that you can survive is if you can change someones life, even if it’s only in a miniscule way. We are going to see an uprising in wealth producers and watch as the middlemen start to die off. If you don’t figure out how to provide the value that people want in return for their money, you won’t have any for yourself. For too long we were screaming, “SHOW ME THE MONEY,” now those times are over and the money is fading away.

“Strive To Create Wealth, Not Money”

That’s a motto to follow now that we have seen what happens when your chasing something that isn’t real. Wealth is real, money is not. Go out now and become a wealth creator, go out and sell your product or service that will actually change someone’s life.