Mint For Twhirl


So I want to offer anyone who wants it a free Twhirl skin that makes tracking replies and direct messages inline alot easier. It also introduces contrast in the FriendFeed portion of the app between others’ comments and your’s against the regular background.

Here’s the installation info you’ll need to install the skin. Download the Mint Skin
1.)  Extract the Mint.xml file.
2.) Go into your Twhirl skins folder:

  • For PC it’s in Program Files Twhirl colorschemes
  • For Mac its in Twhirl- (Right click) show package contents, Colorschemes

3.) Copy the file into the folder.
4.) Restart Twhirl and enable the theme.

Hope you enjoy, leave me comments or send me a reply @jimminy if you do or if there is anything you would like modified. I’m also planning on working on some more so if you would have an idea of something you would like just let me know.

Update: @kyeung808 noticed a little issue with the image I have up above and I must take note of it. The image above appears to show multiple columns but it’s actually Twitter on the left and FriendFeed on the right.