The 50 Who Now Stand Under the 44th As 1

As everyone should know by now we have a president-elect that will be inaugurated January 20, 2009:

Barack Obama

Over the last year, we have seen such a division between the parties. We have faced the trials of separation on many levels, belief, color, sex, and age. This was a plague that swept our land and it was going to be hard to repair.

Tuesday Night, November 4 2008

We had two men stand up and destroy these divisions with their speeches, McCain, with his Concession Speech, and Barack Obama, with his Acceptance Speech. It does not matter any longer who you wanted to win, because with these speeches they have UNITED us as the American people. We are now 50 states standing under Barack Obama, as the 44th President of the United States, as one UNITED country.

Barack Obama’s  Acceptance Speech

Acceptance Speech Part 1, Part 2

McCain’s Concession Speech

Concession Speech

One phrase is ringing with a deafing roar in my head, right now.

“I am proud to be an American!”

As I was editing this I came across from52to48withlove, an Idea from Ze Frank.