Reverse Engineering The Questions

When we are asked a question what do we do and how do we do it? What happens if are giving an answer with out context what do we do then? This is insight into time and narrative fallacy.

So let’s first determine what both are. A question is something that results in an answer, a search for knowledge. An answer is a fact or result of the question. These two ideas are simply that but together they result in knowledge and perceived knowledge that’s incorrect?

What is the result of question? You might be saying, “That’s pretty easy, it’s an answer numb nuts.” I would agree with you. How do we come to the answer of a question and you would ask, “What kind of question?” Does the context of the question matter, not really if I gave it to you, you would most likely be able do give me an answer. How do we come up with an answer? We use what we have observed and memorized as a way to determine answers. We take all the information we have come into contact with and used it to determine the best answer to use.

Now, what if I gave you an answer with out any context you would probably be confused, eventually you would come up with a question. Would your question be right in respect to what I wanted, probably not. You’d probably question your question itself, probing for why it was wrong. Say I gave you the number 42, what’s the question to 42? There’s an infinite number of questions in which you could come up with the number 42 as an answer, your’s most likely would be wrong. Now, you question your question once again becoming more frustrated you continually question the question that came before.

Since, the way we generally think we will always ask the question before we get the answer. The answer therefore should always lie in the future in regards to the question. So when we get an answer without context we can only derive the question from our past experiences. We seek the question that would lead to such a solution, one that we use our prior observations to find. When we find that our question is wrong; we continue our way into the past to determine the question that created the new question, and so on and so forth. We seek so hard, yet every new question is ultimately wrong because it could not have been the only possible question that derives the one we seek to the answer.

Yet, this is how we choose to narrate the past. We start from the answer and continually question it and what created that answer. Eventually, we have decided upon a path that is ultimately wrong and is only a single set of questions that lead to such and answer, out of an infinitesimal amount of questionable sets.

Oh, the question to the number 42 is, “What is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?

Oddly, this post should have already been on here unfortunately somehow it didnt’ make it into the database when I transfered my blog. I hope this gives everyone something to think upon. The question for 42 comes from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, for anyone who is confused.