Building Your Brand Like A Punk Band

I’ve recently noticed several bands that I used to listen to, occasionally, back in the late 90’s have been coming back with hits on the mainstream radio. The single common denominator of them all is their genres the fusion of Punk and Hard Rock. This is stunning me because looking back on their origins they have been around a generation and their just hitting their mainstream strides.

I’ll list throw out a few names here: The Offspring, Pennywise, Weezer, Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, and Chris Cornell(Soundgarden and Audioslave). All of these bands originated in the period between 84-93, to very niche groups at that time. They also didn’t see huge growth in their fans like bands do now a day, but also grew slowly enough to handle the pressure, preventing premature collapse. They also forged new paths in the music industry. These are bands that are good to invest in but are hard to find.

Build your brand like you are a punk band. Don’t go big to begin with unless you know your going to be able to sustain the pressure. You want to start off with your niche and then expand slowly through trust and ability. This will give you time to develop a strong following that will stick with you through a flop to see a future success. You just need to keep cranking your stuff out and they will come.