Back Your Shit Up

That’s something a friend told me several months ago. It means doing what you want and stop dicking around, procrastinating ,and lying about who you are or what you’re doing. This hit me hard yesterday, chatting with some people on Ustream, a guy pointed out that you can’t call it a start-up if you haven’t started, yet, it’s just a project. The reason this hit me so hard is because I had heard it hereĀ 

from Gary Vaynerchuk when he spoke about the crowd that tries to flip their businesses without monetizing during your way to the top, “Make some cash along the way.

If you want to get anywhere in this new social society, where transparency is so necessary, you are going to have to back your shit up. If you say something you better make sure you have the details right or your going to have your ass handed to you. You have to be able to provide your crowd of followers what they want and if you say your going to do something, you better <omitted> do it. I am going to keep doing this for myself but, I will continue to post it for my crowd.

DWYSYWD, saw those letters on a license plate in North Carolina, several years ago. I thought about what those letters meant for probably half an hour and finally came up with something that fit, ” Do what you said you would do.” Doing what you said you would do is the key to backing your shit up and, it will simplify your life. When you follow through and stop lying you remove the need to continue lying and you become transparent and open to these people. This is key to building your brand.

“Stop dicking around and back your shit up. Do what you said you would do.”