Dealing With The Customer

So, here it is almost Friday and I haven’t posted a thing in a week. So I’m going to discuss why that is. I would also like to mention some other things that I saw during this issue.

Last weekend, I purchased several domain names for a project I’m working on and decided to also get, this where my issues began. I redirected my blog there and then Sunday I noticed that my archives where down. I left a message for customer service at the site and then went about to fix the issue myself. I ended up working Sunday night and most of Monday on this issue, instead of writing.

Monday afternoon I get a call from GoDaddy thanking me for my purchase and ask me if I have any issues. This is great customer service, they preempt any issues that I may have and offer me advice. I thank them back for this as I was shocked at this level of gratitude coming from such a large company.

I also go to see if I have recieved a reply from the customer service of my blogging site, no reply. It takes until late Tuesday night before I get a reply and they also tell me that my comments aren’t working, hooray. So it took them two days to tell it’s even worse than what I had suggested, I reply back asking if they could explain the issue in further detail and had to wait until earlier today to get any confirmation on the issue. Of course, I had already discovered the issue late Wednesday night and everything was working again before they contacted me. So, I’m a bit miffed at the service provided.

This just shows that how you treat your customers is extremely important. Your customers are your lively hood, if you don’t treat them with respect how can you expect repeat business. GoDaddy came to me, someone who isn’t pulling in anything by measure to their revenue. The other place left me to deal with my issues, sure they assisted but the service was so damn slow. This is how to build and destroy your brand, GoDaddy left me with a great feeling and the other company left me to stranded and pissed.

So here’s me trying to be preemptive, you guy’s are my customer. I want to know who I’m talking to, who I’m providing information, and I want to know what you guy’s are looking for from me. You can give me suggestions on stuff to talk about, I’ll do it, I don’t mind doing the research. I write for myself, but I’m here for you, I could just as easily keep all this stuffed in a book on my desk or scattered around in pages.

“Tell me what you want out of me and I’ll step up and try and provide it.”

P.S. If you would like some really good advice on building your brand and dealing with your customers, I recommend

Edit: Sept 22, 2008 No longer using the same blogging service (