Where I Plan On Going

I’ve recently become encumbered with several other projects that take priority over the blog. That paired with the fact that the works that I have complete, I feel aren’t worth my time and ultimately yours. So, I’m going to update you on the progression of where I see the blog going and provide a link dump to some content I enjoyed in the last couple of weeks.

I plan on keeping the schedule of 2 posts per week, Monday and Friday, however occasionally it will be a link dump or something else. I plan on writing about an innovative or inspirational person once a month and also about items that I found innovative. So I’ll get along to the link dump.

The 7 Secrets to Warren Buffet’s Happy and Simple Life over at Success Soul looks into the 7 rules that Warren Buffet lives by. Most of this are about living a simple life and not becoming jaded by fame or fortune. Pretty interesting post about the richest man in the world.

11 Ways to Build an Extraordinary Life over at Steve-Olson looks at 11 things that your going to want out of life and he sums them up perfectly. This is how I live and it’s kind of cool to see this in text. It kind of tells me that I’m pointed in the right direction, but I can still advance further.

25 Visionaries Who Created Empires from Virtually Nothing at Business Pundit looks at some of the biggest names in the world of early industrial business to computers to entertainment. This is missing several people that I find inspirational, however, they didn’t create empires. Several of the people on this list are actual on my list of innovative and inspirational people.

A post at the NY Times on Web Literacy vs Conventional Literacy. This is pretty interesting as several of my friends and I, all in our late-teens to early-twenties work both sides of the line; we read books regularly and we stay up-to-date with blogs and other web sources. I actually would rather read a book than multiple pages of an e-book or large source of data.

And finally just a really interesting idea, TechCrunch brought up an interesting project for people. They asked for A Dead Simple Web Tablet after hearing about a rumor about Apple working on one for sometime this Fall. So they posed the question to the people if they could design a thin tablet that runs linux and uses Firefox as it’s main use.