In Search Of The Shepherds

Man is narcissistic from birth; we are taught not to be completely enveloped in our own personal wants and needs as we grow. However, as a baby our world contains only people who will give us what we want, it is bestowed upon us by them when we beckon with a cry. As we grow we never forget this, we choose to affect others by wanting them to accept us and needing them to be like us. As this furthers itself, through time, we all begin to fit in to the crowd and follow those who have already achieved that which we want to achieve. We all fall into our flocks and we will remain there until we realize that we cannot achieve greatness with these others, mere copies of ourselves and us of them.

When one escapes what he knows, he finds knowledge; first he must be wise enough to realize he has to escape. Once he has done this, he shall spread his knowledge to others and shall his knowledge prosper. As he prospers in this new environment he shall see his knowledgeable gains wane. This occurs as he again becomes a copy of those around him, the internal narcissism of man. He shall always become a copy of those he surrounds himself with and he shall create copies of himself within his view of them.

We are naturally herded, by society, by our ideals, and by our own discretion. We are the sheep of this world; we shall follow as we are taught, as our fore-fathers were taught. Yet, did not the fore-fathers of this land remove this teaching from their minds and choose to rebel to gain free reign for themselves and their neighbors. They chose to be the shepherds of this land and its people, they no longer wanted to follow a lord that denied them the same rights as the men that lived among his lands close. This is becoming that land of lords and of sheep, so timid they may be. The time must come that shepherds, hidden among sheep, will rise and reshape our knowledge, teaching us ways anew.

We the narcissistic sheep of this land shall soon relegate our minds to the brink of non-acceptance, out of fear for change, to any shepherd that may arise to bring forth the new rebellion. The rebellion for change must come before we all become diluted into the same mental body. As we become more the same, the chance for change becomes ever more burdensome upon those who will rise. Our best source of knowledge into change comes from enemies, those who we resolved are flawed in there knowledge, they too feel this way of us. What if we sought to understand their knowledge, we shall unburden them of their preaching and hate and allow ourselves to grow substantially.

“We must seek wisdom from the ancients, for age doth leave wisdom in place of youth and as tides change, so do the ages pass.”